Raid Formations

DoubleReverse Double

Raid Formations began on February 15, 2021 as an in-game "Global Beta".  The new raid formations add new defensive and offensive strategies.  Depending on where you position some of your heroes, it could expand their special skills.  There are now 4 defense raid configurations:

  • Standard
  • Reverse
  • Double
  • Double Reverse

You must have a Hero Academy in order to change your raid defense.  In the Hero Academy you will find a new tab labeled "Formations".  Click of the formation you wish to use and click "Apply".  Choose carefully because you can only change your formation once a day (you can change your heroes as often as you want, but they will stay in the formation you select until you can change it again).  The Raid Formations only apply to your main raid defense and can only be viewed by enemy raids or raids by fellow alliance members.  They are not currently available in any other format, such as Alliance Wars or Raid Tournaments.

It can be difficult to understand how your heroes will line up in the different defenses while selecting them from the hero menu. Since you will not visibly be able to see the resulting changes of the raid formation you choose, enpbase has created a tool to show how your defense team will appear to others.  You can use this tool to place heroes in each position to help decide which Raid Formation to use.  Simply click on one of the links above to learn more about each formations and start setting up you defense team.